DeVV Diaries: Tim Shumaker, Weapons Artist


Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Tim Shumaker and I’m a weapons artist here at VV. When I’m not helping to create new stuff for Destiny you might find me riding along twisty roads or seeking out interesting places.


How did you get started in games, and what advice do you have for aspiring game artists?

I got my start by chance. I had thought for years that game art could be the thing for me, but I always just dabbled. I think it was a New Year’s resolution that sparked the drive to get serious and not too long after I was recruited to join my first gig as an outsource artist. Many contracts and teams later I made the jump from freelance to inhouse at VV.

For anyone aspiring to become a game artist, my suggestion would be focus your effort on the one thing you like the most, and create quality work. Post your very best to Artstation and different 3D groups, make friends, and exchange feedback. Getting that first job is a matter of time, luck, and matching your skills to the company you want to be at. It won’t always be an easy road but the reward can be amazing.


What is your favorite aspect of working on the Destiny franchise?

For me it is being able to contribute to the gear that players love. You always hear stories about the excitement of getting that awesome new Exotic. There is a lot of work that goes into making gear from concept, art direction, FX, sandbox and investment. While not always a perfectly smooth road, working with all the groups that make those experiences possible both here and at Bungie has been fantastic.


What are you excited for players to experience with the release of The Black Armory?

I think I am excited most to see the reactions to unraveling the Black Armory. That, and chasing all those awesome new weapons 😉



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